Why football needs Respect

The FA is responding to concern from across the game to tackle unacceptable behaviour in football. The FA is taking action in a variety of ways, and one of the main actions is the Respect programme. It is not a short-lived campaign but on ongoing commitment to improve behaviour in football.

What is Respect?

Respect is the collective responsibility of everyone in football to create a fair, safe and enjoyable environment in which the game can take place. It is the behavioural code for football. Respect is a continuous FA programme, not a one-off initiative. At Tigers we encourage all to follow these simple rules:

Referee is in charge
Encourage team-mates
Shout, but don’t criticise
Play fairly
Enjoy the game
Captain only speaks to the referee
Try whatever the score

Codes of Conduct

Respect brings them to life by supporting and strengthening the Codes of Conduct with possible consequences. There is little point in having a set of rules if no action is taken if and when they’re broken. There are Respect Codes of Conduct for:

Each Code explains that actions can be taken if the Code is broken. Although the County FA or The FA will deal with cases of reported misconduct, clubs and leagues also have a role to play in dealing with poor behaviour from players, officials or spectators.

This can range from education, mentoring, official warnings, suspension or even exclusion from the club/league.

All the Respect Codes of Conduct can be downloaded from Respect works on placing responsibility on individuals for their actions: break your Code, and bear the consequences.

Each Respect Code of Conduct explains that action can and will be taken if the Code is broken.

Our club has three main responsibilities around the Codes:

  1. 1. To ensure everyone within the club (club members), whatever their role, has read, agreed and signed up to their relevant Code – and understands the actions which could be taken if Codes are broken. The inclusion of Codes into the registration process of club members ensures that all playing members can be made aware of their responsibilities at the point of joining the club.
  2. 2. To collect and retain the Codes so that they can be referred back to if an individual’s behaviour becomes unacceptable
  3. 3. To deal fairly and consistently with anyone who breaks ‘their’ Code.

We expect everyone involved with the club to maintain these high standards both on and off the pitch and have Codes of Conduct which we ask everyone representing the club to abide by.